NEW Deadline 12 April 2009,
Notification 30 April 2009
To submit material for the conference, please register on Easychair for Netsci09 and follow the instructions below to submit your abstract.
In particular
  • Abstract only is needed for submission. For us "abstract" means 1/2 page (one half) at most of text. Please do not upload papers.
  • Please indicate in the abstract field if your submission is for a contributed talk or poster.
  • Please indicate in the Keyword field the Session Theme(s) relevant to your submission, chosen from the ones reported below
  • Networks in Biology
  • Networks in Health & Society
  • Information Networks and Infrastructures
  • Networks in Organization & Communication
  • Networks in Economy, Finance & Business
  • Network theory: methods, models, visualizations

For further info please send e-mail to: